Rydeski Photography

      I am Stephanie Rydeski I have lived most of my life in Albuquerque New Mexico. One of the most beautiful places to photography because of its diversity. I have a wonderful and supportive husband Ron and 3 incredible kids that I use as my models often because I dont want to miss a moment.  Here is why.

            When growing up i knew the importance of a photo, a document of what is going on in your life at as specific time. My parents took us to  get family photos and we took  pictures on our little cameras.  Lots of moments document for time. BUT That is not why i know the importance of a photo" capturing that moment in time". There have been a few life moments that has given me this passion. The first is my Dad grew up poor, very poor and what photos they could take were few. Then when he was only 10 his family had a fire and most of those were burned. It was not until recently from a great Aunt that I even have been able to know what my Grandmother even looked like.  . These photos are cherished


   I started taking professional photos in 2011 .  To view a photo shoot as just another day is criminal to me. I take lots of care in knowing that you are sharing with me your special memories and will take great care to document all the special times. I love the 1st in life . Ist born, 1st fancy dress, 1st sibling, 1st sport, 1st lost tooth, 1st communion, 1st car, 1st family photo, 1st prom, 1st graduation, and all the other special days that come after. Engagements, Weddings, reunions, ect...

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