May 7th 2013 Field trip with 4th graders

Well today was a day to remember. Today we took our last bus trip field trip it was to Pope Joy Hall and watched the Orchestra and the ballet of Peter and the Wolf. But wait I am getting ahead of my self. I arrived at the school a little early and got to eat lunch with Matthew and his friends. They all were dressed up so nice and proud to be looking good. Matthew we duped Dr Who because of his bow tie and loved it. I think he is going to wear it the rest of the year. Lunch processed the one girl sitting at the table and the talk proceeded to be about the sinking of ships. Then while we were all still eating moved in to a detailed description of how a raccoon killed one of the boys ducks. Of course others had there mutilating stories and by the time it time to leave I was done.

We proceeded to the bus and everyone had their assigned partners but some how all the girls ended up together and all the boys ended up together. This time Matthew ditched me for his friends and a little girl and I enjoyed playing hang man.

After the long trek from the bus with thousand of Albuquerque 4th graders we were seated in the front rows.Yeah I sat in Mrs Custers seat. They played beautifully and had a guest 17year old come and play. We sang the National anthem and Sang Oh New Mexico. I have only sang that one other time and that was last year on this field trip it was cool.

Peter and the wolf was great Matthew said his favorite character was the Wolf and since we sat so close the wolf really was close. My favorite was the duck.(even though she gets eaten)

We hobbled along with Mr Rood (He has a broken ankle from an accident at school a week or so ago) back the long trek to the bus. The ride back was nice Matthew and I played hang man. I must say I really enjoyed our time together